There are a few different types of labels that Amazon provides for its sellers. See the information about each one below:

  • Amazon Customer Orders - These are orders to fulfill customer orders. You may simply leave the layout as "default" and this will produce a 4x6 label in the proper format for Rollo and other thermal printers.

  • Amazon ASIN product labels - These are labels to place on products before sending to Amazon. You may also send these directly to Rollo from Amazon's Scan & Ship page: Printing FBA Product ASIN labels

    We recommend installing Rollo's Chrome Extension.

  • Amazon FBA Labels for outside the box - These are the labels that are placed outside of the box containing your product that is being sent to Amazon's warehouse.

    We recommend installing Rollo's Chrome Extension which will resize labels for you.

    If you don't want to use the Chrome extension, the Rollo team has put together a free service that can crop multiple pages into a 4x6 format. isit: http://www.MyFBALabel.comĀ