Please rest assured Rollo offers support via phone, email, and remote-desktop. 

If you would like a call back, please simply provide your phone number with your support request. Allowing us to call you back provides a much better experience for our customers for these reasons:

  • We don't have call center agents to "handle" calls. We hire experts and engineers who can provide solutions quickly and efficiently.
  • We do not have a time-limit on our customer interactions so we can take our time to fully address all of your concerns and not feel rushed about the "next call."
  • We value your time and know you don't enjoy on-hold music.
  • There are virtually unlimited types of uses for Rollo. You can print labels from hundreds of different platforms and applications on all kinds of labels. Giving us a short description of your request allows us to pick the right Rollo expert who is familiar with your particular scenario.
  • We usually need to send you some information via email (link to download software, link to online guide, etc.) and having your email with your request saves time and ensures we have your correct email address.

We will ensure you are completely satisfied with your Rollo printer and look forward to serving you. To submit a new support request, please click here.