There are two main causes for Rollo skipping labels or continuously feeding. This behavior is usually after you change your label type, size, or manufacturer. 

  1. Rollo hasn't learned your label [Most Common Reason]
    Please re-run the automatic label identification so Rollo can learn your label.

    To make sure your computer is not sending print commands to Rollo, please disconnect the USB cable from your Rollo printer, then simply press and hold the top circular button on Rollo until you hear one beep. Then let go.  

    Rollo will then move the label back and forth to learn the gap size and other properties of your label. You should now see a green light and label placed at the tear off point.

    Please re-connect the USB cable to Rollo and try your print.

    To watch a video of this, please visit:

  2. Your operating system is sending a longer / shorter label to Rollo. 
    Please ensure you have the correct label size: 
    • For Windows
      Please go to Control Panel -> Devices and Printers -> Right Click on Rollo -> Printer Preferences -> Advanced Button.
      Most 4 x 6 labels are 100mm x 150mm

    • For Mac
      Please select 100mm x 150mm or 4" x 6" size during on the print prompt window

      Note: The application you are using (i.e. Adobe Reader) could be over-riding your driver label setting and sending the print in a larger / smaller size to Rollo. Look for "Page Setup" or "Paper Size" in the print prompt and ensure it is set to the size you want.