Shipping products is a satisfying experience. It is a sign of success. It a sign that you have won a customer over.

It means a customer has chosen you over your competitor. It is a sign of entrepreneurship. It is a sign you are making money. It is a sign that the world is responding to you.

A lot of hard work goes into building your business, your product, your marketing, and so much more. The shipping label is the feedback from all those efforts; like getting an A+ in school.

We love and cherish this feeling. One of the greatest joys of working at Rollo is interacting with our customers. Some are shipping freshly baked cookies and some are shipping heavy machinery to lands far far away.

Being able to initiate this satisfying experience and be part of it, is truly remarkable.

Every now and then we get call from a business owner who needs to ship his or her orders today, before the shipping cut-off time, and the computer is acting up. To be able to jump in and either initiate or restore a smooth shipping process is deeply satisfying to our team. We have provided not just a printer but an on-going experience and now there is one less thing to worry about for this customer.

We view entrepreneurship as a theme park. It is fun, satisfying, will at times exhaust you, and you can never get enough. So the last thing we want to do is be a hurdle or take the fun out of it. That is what we felt our competitors were doing. The competitor printers were just acting up all the time. They were complicated to setup. They wanted to charge more for using their proprietary labels. They were simply taking the fun out of what should be a very gratifying and satisfying experience.

This is why Rollo exists; because shipping products should be fun, easy, and most of all satisfying.